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Ways to stay safe when driving in bright sunlight

| Nov 8, 2018 | Firm News, Personal Injury |

In Georgia and across the U.S., drivers put themselves and others at risk for a crash because they fail to make provisions for bright sunlight. In such conditions, drivers are actually at 16 percent higher risk for a fatal car crash. The following seven tips help keep drivers safe and should be taken into consideration.

Drivers are to use their sun visors. These are designed to not hinder visibility, and they can be effective in blocking the sun from the front windshield and the side windows. Next, drivers could purchase a stylish pair of sunglasses and keep them in the car. They will be doing their eyes a service because sunglasses protect against harmful UV rays.

If drivers don’t need to go out in the bright sunlight, they are advised not to go out. They can also wait until the sun has completely risen or set below the horizon. When they are traveling and the sun begins to impede their driving, such as by hurting their eyes, they should stop and wait for the sun to reposition. Bright sunlight slows reaction times, so drivers must keep their distance from the vehicle in front.

Lastly, drivers could get window tinting. Specialty auto repair shops are available to install the thin plastic film while complying with state regulations.

Failing to consider these tips could lead to drivers being negligent and causing a crash. Those who are not to blame but who are nevertheless stuck with medical bills, vehicle repair costs and other losses might consult a personal injury lawyer about filing a claim. Third parties might be hired to gather proof and show that the reported injuries are accident-related. The lawyer may then initiate negotiations for a settlement with the auto insurance company, preparing for litigation if negotiations fall through.