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National Safety Council issues winter weather driving tips

| Dec 7, 2018 | Firm News, Personal Injury |

Although Georgia rarely sees large amounts of snow, the state is still prone to experiencing freezing temperatures, ice and sleet during the winter. Combined, these weather conditions can lead to serious driving hazards. While it’s recommended that drivers avoid hitting the road in the middle of bad winter weather, there are times when getting behind the wheel is a necessity.

As a result, the National Safety Council has issued a number of winter driving tips for those who have to go out in the elements. First and foremost, the council recommends checking a vehicle’s readiness before winter weather strikes. This means examining vital components, including brakes, fluid levels and tires, but it also includes preparing an emergency kit to keep in the vehicle in case of a breakdown. Drivers should also allow enough time for a vehicle to warm up before driving. This not only protects components, but it also allows for windshields to clear from frost.

Furthermore, it’s important to follow safe driving rules when on the road. These include adhering to safety guidelines when driving behind another vehicle — allow 10 seconds of travel time between any vehicles being followed. In addition, if roads are icy, it’s a good idea to avoid braking when traveling uphill or using a parking brake when parked facing up a hill. Stopped or slowed vehicles can slide back down a hill if travel is inhibited.

Unfortunately, even when following safety practices on the road, accidents do happen due to winter weather conditions. These accidents may result in severe injuries that lead to missed time from work and large medical bills. Drivers who have been injured often turn to the assistance of a personal injury attorney for representation. An attorney could help a crash victim get the compensation they deserve.