Drivers in Georgia with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder might face bigger challenges when trying to pay attention in traffic. The neurological disorder impairs their ability to maintain focus, control impulses or resist talking and fidgeting. These problems could interfere with safe driving, and a study of drivers with ADHD who were involved in car accidents linked medication to lower rates of crashes.

The researchers analyzed insurance claim records collected from 2005 through 2014. From this pool, 2.3 million people of adult age with ADHD were identified. Their information was cross referenced with records of emergency room visits after car accidents. The researchers then looked for prescription medication records that could indicate that the people were treating their ADHD. According to their analysis, 22.1 percent of the crashes studied might have been avoided if the drivers with ADHD had taken medication.

Men with ADHD who took their medication reduced their risk of accidents by 38 percent compared to male drivers without medication. For women with ADHD, the risks appeared to be worse when they did not treat their condition. Medication lowered the accident risk for them by 42 percent compared to females who drove without taking ADHD medications.

Regardless of medical challenges, every driver has a responsibility to avoid distractions and drive safely. When a negligent driver causes a wreck, a person hurt in the crash might have a right to pursue compensation by filing a personal injury lawsuit . Victims who find themselves in this type of a position might want to have an attorney take the lead in negotiating a settlement with the at-fault motorist’s insurance company.