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Criminal Defense

criminal defense attorney Evans

Are you searching for the right criminal defense attorney in Evans to help represent you in your case? Whether you need the help of an attorney for a DUI, misdemeanor, or felony cases—including murder cases, sex offenses, drug cases and theft cases—then Jeffrey Johnston is ready to represent you. Johnston can also help represent cases involving juveniles as well, giving a wide range of expertise, no matter the age of the defendant.

From dealing with small misdemeanor cases such as public intoxication or disorderly conduct, to dealing with larger felony cases such as murder, sexual offenses or DUI’s, Johnston gives the same amount of time and effort into every case, to guarantee the best outcome for your well-being.

Whether you have already been charged with a crime involving any of the above mentioned, or you are still in the process of, and yet to be charged, Johnston is the criminal defense attorney in Evans available for your case.

If you are currently dealing with a legal issue in the Evans or Augusta area and need the personal assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, consider contacting Jeffrey Johnston. His years of education and experience as an attorney , will leave you in trustworthy hands.

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