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Fighting criminal charges relating to sex crimes is no time for anything less than complete candor between you and your attorney. Without crystal clear communication, you are at risk of severe consequences — legal and social — simply from the fact that you are facing sex crime charges, let alone a conviction for those charges.

To manage those problems proactively, call the law office of Jeffrey E. Johnston, in Evans, Georgia. Mr. Johnston holds more than 15 years of experience in criminal defense matters, including five years in the district attorney’s office. He understands how prosecutors think and prepares his cases knowing the strategies prosecutors will most likely apply.

Put A Former Prosecutor To Work For You

Further, we understand how judges think in criminal defense matters. Our firm regularly protects our clients’ rights at trial. When it comes to protecting you against charges arising from sex crimes, we bring experience in a wide variety of matters, including:

Regardless of the charges brought against you, you can depend on us to provide you with a candid and forthright evaluation of your situation. We know you need the right information in order to make intelligent decisions about your future, particularly when it comes to sex crime issues. You can count on us to work closely with you, maintaining strict confidentiality at all times, so you can feel comfortable discussing with us the exact facts that need to be known in order to provide you with the most effective defense we can provide.

We offer free initial consultations to potential clients. We make that offer as part of our larger commitment to providing personalized legal attention from our lawyer. Mr. Johnston himself will sit down with you to give you a frank initial evaluation of your case. We draw on that knowledge to provide you with legal solutions directly responsive to your circumstances. We know that no two clients are exactly alike, so we make sure our recommendations to you take into account those details that make you and your case different.

We will not simply accept your case and then wait for a good offer from the district attorney’s office. Instead, we will aggressively prepare your case at every phase with the possibility of trial in mind. While Mr. Johnston is an experienced trial attorney, he also knows that effective trial preparation makes it more likely you will be treated fairly by the prosecution should negotiations prove useful.

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