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Personal Injury

personal injury attorney Evans
Have you been injured recently at fault of another person? Were you in an automobile accident that left you hurt with expensive medical bills, and it wasn’t your fault? Has a doctor’s visit ended up causing you more damage than good? Whether you have been in an automobile, tractor trailer, or motorcycle accident, Jeffrey Johnston Law is by your side. In addition to accident injury cases, Johnston also deals with any medical malpractice, catastrophic injury, and cases such as “slip and fall”. With the help of Jeffrey Johnston Law, your personal injury attorney in Evans, claims will be taken seriously in insuring you get the desired point of action.

As a personal injury attorney, Johnston commits a duty of loyalty to his clients and puts their best interest forward, above all else. Becoming physically injured can become a stressful experience, especially when it wasn’t your fault—with the help of Johnston, you can relieve that stress, by placing your problem in the hands of someone that cares.

If you are currently dealing with a legal issue in the Augusta area and need the personal assistance of an experienced attorney, consider contacting Jeffrey Johnston. His years of education and experience as a personal injury attorney in Evans will leave you in trustworthy hands.

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