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Integrity, Honesty And A
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When Experience Matters

After suffering serious car accident injuries, most people do not have the time or energy to handle everything themselves, particularly if they have already hired a lawyer to handle matters. The last thing you want as is to worry if your attorney has enough experience in these matters to really take care of business.

Here at the law office of Jeffrey E. Johnston, you will not have that concern. Having served clients throughout the Evans, Georgia, area for more than 15 years, our firm’s attorney understands your needs as you deal with the fallout from a serious car accident. We regularly deal with insurance companies who have undervalued the claims filed by those injured in car crashes. That means we already know how they and their representatives work, those representatives including both lawyers and adjusters.

Personalized Representation In Car Accident Injury Cases

When you work with us, you work with our attorney. You will not be handed off to an assistant and never see your attorney again. In fact, we pride ourselves on the accessibility our clients have to Mr. Johnston. It’s that level of accessibility that allows us to deliver the uniquely tailored legal representation your case requires.

Because we take the time to get to know you, we learn what you want out of your case. That knowledge enables us to provide you with legal solutions tailored to your circumstances. Ultimately, we want to help match you to a legal solution that best serves your particular situation.

When and if that situation requires going to trial to protect your rights, you will rest easier knowing you are being advised by a personal injury attorney who regularly goes to trial. That experience means we know our way around a courtroom, how juries think and how judges have ruled on cases similar to yours in the past. Our command of trial practice will also make it more likely that your case will be taken seriously now by the insurance company and its representatives. We use that leverage to maximize the compensation due to you under the law.

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We can help you with your next steps during a free initial consultation. You can make your own appointment by calling our office at 877-553-8157 or by contacting us online. We maintain all your communication in complete confidence.